Download – Artwork Gofer

This easy to use application allows to find missing artwork for your iTunes albums and add it to the albums tracks. You can get artwork for selected tracks, or you can simply find all the missing artwork for your iTunes music.

To search artwork for selected tracks, select any number of tracks in iTunes, then select the Search Artwork menu command in the iTunes Scripts menu.

Artwork Gofer also makes it easy to find artwork with low resolution in your iTunes and replace it with a better one.

After artwork is found for an album, you select an album cover you like for a particular album and click the Add Artwork button to add this artwork to the album’s tracks. And you don’t need to wait for the whole search to complete. As soon as an artwork is found for a particular album, you can add it.

If for some reason no artwork was found for an album, you always can alter the album’s name and/or artist in the Artwork Gofer application (not in iTunes – iTunes remains unchanged) and search again.

Get it here.

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