Download – Flickr Gallery

Using the “shortcodes” system in WordPress 2.5 and up, this plugin will allow you to quickly and easily incorporate your Flickr photos into your WordPress pages and posts.


  • A quick gallery of your recent photos, photosets and most popular photos.
  • Easy database caching (just click a checkbox)
  • Displays photos from a custom search, or specific group or photoset
  • Displays all of a user’s photos with given tags
  • Inserts a single photo into your content
  • Embeds Flickr’s flash movie player for videos
  • Authenticate to display your private photos
  • Lightbox script makes it easy to browse photos without leaving the page
  • Plugin API to let sites configure the tabs in their gallery
  • View photosets in the gallery mode without leaving the page

Download Flickr Gallery for your WP Install here.

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