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Sony PSP Syncs with Mac

Quote from their website…

“The Sony Playstation Portable is the most advanced portable game system on the market, featuring stunning graphics, incredible sound and a sleek modern design based around a gorgeous screen…all for an amazing low price.

Additionally, the PSP has great personal multimedia features too…it can play back music and allows for video and photo viewing on its amazing screen.

Sony offers optional software for managing and transferring photos, videos and music to the PSP…if you are a Windows user.

If you are a Mac user, you probably already manage your music with iTunes, organize your photos with iPhoto and have made an iMovie or two. You know the iApps, you love the OS X User experience and the intelligence and simplicity it provides.

If you have a Mac and a PSP, we’ve got the tool you need to bring them together…
the MacOS X way…”

This makes me want a PSP even more.

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